Fabric Advice

Colour Matching

We can not guarantee exact colour matching against pattern books and samples as variations in shade can occur from one batch to another.  If an exact colour match is required please request a stock-cutting.

Pile Fabrics

All velvet and chenille fabrics exhibit natural shading and pile variations which means they can appear to change colourwhen seen from different angles.  These fabrics can adopt a crushed appearance that will not affect their durability and can not be considered a fault as this is an inherent characteristic of these fabrics.


Fabrics made of wool, polyester, polyamide or viscose can show pilling.  This is a characteristic of these fibres and can not be seen as a flaw in the material. 

Sun, Fading and Colour Fastness

All fabrics eventually fade.  To reduce natural fading, curtains should always be lined with a good quality light proof lining.  The leading edges may fade sooner.

Shrinkage and Movement

Fabrics woven with natural fibres including viscose absorb moisture and will stretch or shorten when made up depending on the atmospheric conditions in the room.  A variation of up to 5% is normal and can be expected.  Heavy fabrics and looser weaves may relax and lengthen.  Therefore curtains should be made with an adequate hem to allow for any necessary adjustments. 

It is normal for furnishing fabrics to shrink in washing as much as 5% and dry cleaning can also cause shrinkage although normally to a lesser extent.


Please see individual fabrics for cleaning instructions

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